Equidemia regularly invites speakers who are top of their fields for super interesting webinars! Enjoy!

13th & 20th Oct. 2021, Frauke Musiał & Celina Skogan

One Webinar in two parts. Frauke Musial and Celina Skogan approach the Biopsychologie of the horse from two perspectives. While Frauke is giving us the scientific background, Celina will speak about usuable examples from Training and Treatment of how to get a understanding of our form legged friends. The course is split in two meetings.
Part 1: 13.10. 21, 19:00 Senses, Cognition and Intelligence
Part 2: 20.10. 21, 19:00 Stress & Emotions
The webinars are only available as a package, your ticket gives you access to both dates.

Regular: 490 NOK / 49 EUR

Boost the rider – Hanna Engström
October 16th 2021, 9:00 – 17:00

Hanna Engström is THE seat queen. Under the guideline of ‘You CAN teach feeling’, she is helping riders from all disciplines and all over the world to a softer seat, to connect with their emotions and a better connection with their horse.

The EQUIDEMIA Conference
May 14th 2021 – Live Event with Recordings

Science meets horsemanship.
Speakers among others:
Bent Branderup, Hanna Engström, Eef Nibbelink, Piet Nibbelink, Conny Röhm, Dr. Cecilia Müller, Dr. Jenifer Zeiligs, Dr. Sue Dyson, Prof. Frauke Musial, Dr. Brigitte Kaluza, Dr. Sonja Barkhofen, Noora Ehnqvist, Warwick Schiller, Celina Skogan
Welcome to the first Equidemia conference, one of my heart projects that needed some time to be born. The conference is connecting experts from different fields, speaking about their work that also is their passion. And of course, it’s all about horses! Follow us on an exiting journey around the horse, discuss with experts and ask your questions. A unique opportunity if you love horses.
Curious? Have a look at the program and the speakers!

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