Equine Osteopathy

Equine Osteopathy is a holistic, manual and very soft treatment. Dr. Andrew Taylor Still founded the art of osteopathic treatments in the 18th century in the US. The french equine vet Dr. Giniaux transferred this art to equines. I am offering evening lectures and treatment days at your farm abroad.

When do you need an osteopath for your horse?

  • Is your horse suddenly lame?
  • Your horse doesn’t like to be saddled?
  • Your horse is very different if you compare leads?
  • Difficulties with the bending?
  • Difficulties with the canter?
  • The beat is unclean?
  • Unclear signs of pain?
  • For a regular check up, to pay forward before you get problems.

Osteopathic treatment requires a deep knowledge about the equine body and foremost its anatomy and biomechanics. Its goal is, to not only treat the obvious symptoms, but search for root causes. Therefore, a disfunction shown as a lameness does not necessarily have its cause in the very same leg. For deciding for the right treatment for the patient, the therapist will observe the whole body, search with his eye for unusual patterns in the body, use his hands to feel into the body and its structures and his knowledge for connecting both. Osteopathy is always soft and without any force. The holistic approach of body, mind and spirit as a whole is the guideline for both, Osteopathy and Academic Art of Riding. Therefore, these two are so much adding to each other.

Osteopathy cannot and will not replace a classical veterinarian treatment and support, especially in acut states of injuries, open wound, broken bones etc. But it can work as a prevention, and it can add to the healing / rehabilitation process. It will as well work as a ´paying forward´ for the healthcare of your horse. A good osteopath can often detect tensions within the fascia and soft tissue long before we get a physiological alteration. I do connect osteopathy with classical muscle massages, TCM (Traditionel Chinese Medicine) and Akupunktur.

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I met Celina about three years ago in a situation, where my horse was suffering from severe back pain. While I was awaiting an appointment for investigation and diagnoses in the nearest horse clinic, the situation deteriorated so rapidly, that I was wondering how much hope there was for my equine friend. Thus, I was… Read more “Osteopathy”

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I am based in Balsfjord, Storsteinnes. I am open for treatments in the area of 2 hours, and stationary treatments at our farm in Balsfjord. Travel coasts are added to the treatment price. I am organising regular tours to Tromsø, Sommerøya and in the direction of Målselv and Finnsnes. I do offer different sessions. The first session always should be an full check up. And if I haven't seen your horse for 6 month or a year, we better start again with a full check up 😉 Welcome to book your dates!