Today, the Academy is where we meet – Online and Offline!
At Equidemia, we offer you multiple study opportunities. Find out what feels good for you!

Celina Skogan

How to study with us

Education & Workshops


I offer clinics and workshops via ZOOM, offer home clinics at our farm and am bookable for courses at your place international. Both, the ambitious spare time riders as the professional trainer are welcome. Depending on the subject we will deepen your knowledge on biomechanics, training structures, bodywork or seat. Mix and match, and find the schedule that fits best for you and your horse to develop!

Teaching clinics

Online Education

The easiest way for you and your horse is to join from home! Online lessons are giving us the opportunity to jump from Norway to Australia and back within a second. Suddenly, it is super easy to reach your instructor for a private lesson. All you need is a smartphone and a bluetooth headset. Are you scared about the technical part? No worries, I guide you through and am open for a free technical check with you if you need it 🙂

Week students

Take some time off to dive into the art of riding. Spend one week (or more) as an intensiv student of the art of riding. On our farm in Tennes, Balsfjord, or comfortable via online lessons from your home. Discover new insights about you, your horse and your communication.


For a group of 12 Students and some theory participants, I open each year the opportunity to become a student of the horse for a year! Let me be your humble guide for 12 month, and let’s dive together into a holistic view of the horse. From relationship to learning theory, biomechanics to collection – I invite you to an exiting journey and to meet your horse on a new level!

Equine Osteopathy

When the training gets stuck, a horse is showing a sudden change in character, is getting nervous or unhappy, it’s time to check the equine body for compensation patterns.

Osteopathy is the soft art of listening into the horses body.