Webinar Nutrition – Conny Röhm


Conny will speak about the equine upper line and nutrition. What changes in the upper line are connected to malnutrition? How can we recognise early signs of gastric issues, and how easy changes in the nutrition are having a huge impact on our horses.

38 EUR / 380 NOK



One Evening with Conny Röhm
Nutrition is more than shiny coat! Listen to Conny to speaking about Nutrition is more like listening to an amusing crime story. She is highly engaged in equine health and doesn’t get tired to talk about it and there is no question she cannot answer.
These two hours with Conny will get you involved into gastric issues, help you to recognise early sign, answers your questions about roughage and how to help the rehabilitation. You are welcome to ask questions and discuss your own horse during the course. Therefore, the amount of participants is limited.
I am super happy of having her teaching an international class, as she is so full booked and rarely available.

You will get addicted to her courses once you tried  🙂

Enjoy the journey!