Webinar Straightness – Bent Branderup – 19/20th February 2022




Bent Branderup will discuss with us the topic “Straightness” and its understanding in the Academic Art of Riding.

Why do we need bending for straightness? And why is there a difference in between riding straight and straightness?

In this live weekend webinar, you will see horses and riders on different levels of education working on the topic. From beginner to advanced rider, there is something in for everyone.
Learn comfortably from your sofa, and enjoy the journey to academic riders from all over the world.

As a listener, you are also welcome to ask questions and discuss the topic with Bent live, but also in our FB Group to the topic.
Also enjoy the new Academic Book, released in March 2022, to the topic “Straithness”!

Don’t hesitate to book your ticket! Until the 1st of February, you enjoy the early bird price. From then on, the regular 95 Euros are due. Enjoy the journey!