Boost the Rider – Hanna Engström – April 17th-18th 2021


You can teach Feeling!
Hanna´s approach for the work with horse and rider is diving into the riders body and emotions. For becoming the best rider you can imagine to become!
Join us for a very practical theory, follow us on a journey from Australia to Norway, and learn from the riders´ lessons!

50 EUR / 500 NOK



Hanna Engström is the ´seat queen´ of the Academic Art of Riding. Her guidline is `You can teach feeling´. If you are searching for a softer seat, a better connection to your horse, struggle with stiffnesses or your emotions while riding, this course is for you!

The course starts Saturday Morning at 9:00 with a practical lecture. From 10 to 17:00, Riders from Spain to Australia will work with Hanna on a better connection. Sunday we repeat the schedule. Recordings are available for 7 days.
In our private Facebook Group `Webinar with Hanna Engström´ you can ask questions, and nerd around with us. The Group is tied to the webinar. Access is granted after you got your ticket.