EQUIDEMIA’s focus is on the equilibrium of body, mind & soul. Therefore, we have a holistic approach towards the team of human & horse. EQUIDEMIA offers lessons & workshops in the art of riding, bodywork and cranial osteopathy. For you and your horse. We offer different teaching structures, so it is easy for you to put up an individual schedule that suits your needs and is available for all levels, from spare time rider to professional trainer. Personally, it is important to me that working with horses never becomes religion and believe, but is based on experience, biomechanics, knowledge and science. Therefore, I am always seeking for more knowlegde and like to pass it on to my students. Additionally, we keep close contact to science and scientists. For the future, my wish is to inspire and interact with a big variety of different speakers. Enjoy the Journey!



I am offering intensiv courses, summer camps, weekend clinics and training stays. Mix and match, and find the schedule that fits best for you and your horse.

Online lessons

Online lessons are giving us the opportunity to jump from Norway to Australia and back within a second! Suddenly, it is easy to reach your instructor for a private lesson. All you need is a smartphone and a bluetooth headset. 

Week students

As a residential student you spend an intensive period together with your horse. Take some time of to dive into the art of riding. Discover new insights about you, your horse and your communication.

Equine Osteopathy

Horses that are difficult to handle or do not cooperate in training are doing so most often as their body is in pain. In combination with the art of riding or as a preventive examination, osteopathy is a big benefit for the health of your horse.

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