EQUIDEMIA´s mission is to empower riders. I love to collect knowledge, but even more, I love to share it!

If your horse makes a mistake,
question yourself.
If you don’t find an answer, question better.

Egon von Neindorff

The Art of Riding is my passion. But was is even more important for me, is the art of living with horses. It does matter how we reach our goals together with our horses, and the journey itself is the destination. Therefore, I offer different structures to guide you on your journeys and to keep a holistic perspective on the horse. When travelling the road together with your horse, sooner or later we find out that this actually is a journey to ourselves. I love to guide you on your journey. Sometimes for a short part of the road, sometimes for a very long time.

Enjoy the Journey!


EQUIDay @ Equidemia

On June 18th, I am organizing a day that is all about horses. The farm will be split in different comepetence areas.
The entrance is free. Just come and bring your friends 🙂

  1. In the health department, various experts will give presentations about their field. From feeding to hooves, everything around the equine health will be covered.
  2. On the riding arena, we will focus on how to improve the horses training. With some trainer collegues, we will present perspectives on classical dressage and in hand training, a demo on Academic art of Riding / Groundwork, and a demo on seat training and why this is connected to riding good lateral movements.
  3. The EXPO area is giving space for all horse products: We will have a loppemarket where everyone can book a stand and bring all the stuff that is still good to use and can find a new home. It will also give space to the industry to present and sell horse tack. We will have a saddle presentation, showing different modells and the opportunity to test them.
  4. Of course, their will also be a small Gårdscafé providing you with cake, sandwishes and coffee.

And now it´s up to you: You are knitting the worlds best horse pullovers and want to be with? You produce locally an økologic important product you like to show? You are a professional and have some exiting insights to share? If you like to join the team and hold a demo, if you know someone who has expertise to share and should be with, if you would like to book a spot on the expo for loppemarket, if you like to present your products, if there is something we haven´t thought about so far: contact me via PN or write me an Email to celina@equidemia.com

A more detailed program you find on the picture here.
Here’s the link to the FB Event: https://fb.me/e/1S38TKcL6

Welcome, and don´t forget to tell your friends!

How can I help you?


I am offering intensiv courses, summer camps, weekend clinics and training stays. Mix and match, and find the schedule that fits best for you and your horse.

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Online lessons

Online lessons are giving us the opportunity to jump from Norway to Australia and back within a second! Suddenly, it is easy to reach your instructor for a private lesson. All you need is a smartphone and a bluetooth headset for getting a private coaching at home.

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Week students

Let’s spend an intensive period together with your horse. Take some time off to dive into the art of riding, either with online lessons @ your home or coming to us as a residential. Discover new insights about you, your horse and your communication.

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Equine Osteopathy

Equine Osteopathy

Horses that are difficult to handle or do not cooperate in training are doing so most often as their body is in pain. In combination with the art of riding or as a preventive examination, osteopathy is a big benefit for the health of your horse.

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Students’ Voices

Celina lessons are unique.

Celina lessons are unique. Not only because of your great knowledge of contexts, but also because of your great way of picking you up wherever you are. She gives the horses there voice back and  knows about details that are important for the horse. My Icelandic Mare is very  motivated and shows me she likes… Read more “Celina lessons are unique.”

Veronika Vetterlein

Trained eye

There are not many teachers with such a trained eye. The precision of her analysis allows for accuracy in the work that always fascinates and challenges me anew. This also enables online classes of highest quality. There are no quick fixes with Celina; her classes are carefully structured and address body and mind, logic and… Read more “Trained eye”

Raya Hauri

Calmly, correctly

Calm, correctly, are words that are connected with my great college Celina Skogan. Every time when I need to have a better technical description on a detail according to the physical movements from horse and rider – I appreciate Celinas point of view. Thank you for being so dedicated to the well fare of the… Read more “Calmly, correctly”

Hanna Engström

Release: 4th December 2021
Academic Groundwork

Interactive Workshop with 20 Video Clips

Bent Branderup and Celina Skogan wrote an adviser for the basic steps - from bonding with your horse to lesson from different trainiglevels. 20 Video Clips guide you through the book straight to the riding area.
The book is billingual, in English and German.

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Equidemia Masterclass

The applications for the Masterclass 2023 are open NOW! WHY do you want to study with us? Send your application to: celina@equidemia.com

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